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Tara Folz,


Taking her first shot in 1991, Folz started her archery career at the age of nine. She joined the Junior Olympic Archery Development program and quickly found a passion for competitive archery.


After high school, Folz moved to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Ca to pursue her dreams of becoming an Olympian.


During that time, she claimed two National titles, was named 

Collegiate All-American, and received an Advertising degree from San Diego State University. 

Folz retired from competitive archery in 2005 but stayed in the sport to begin a new quest...sharing her passion with others. 

Archery House,

Give It A Shot

In 2007, Folz became a Level 4 Regional Coach and created 

Archery House LLC, a mobile archery company. 


The vision of Archery House is to expand the growth of the sport at the grassroots level, achieving this through coaching, marketing and consulting. For over a decade, Archery House has taught summer camps for the YMCA's of San Diego County. The archery company, since 2008, has marketed the sport through Try Archery experiences at the San Diego Fair. Archery House has consulted for tv series like CBS's CSI:Miami, commercials for Air Jordan, and print ads with Lucy Liu for Harper's Bazaar magazine.


Archery House continuously works to promote the sport of archery; and in doing so, is recognized as one of the top archery programs in San Diego County!

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